Adrienne Symonds


Adrienne Symonds


Hi, I’m Adrienne, a mum of two- a fiery three and five year old. I originally trained (London school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) and worked as a Public Health Nutritionist, specialising in the area of maternal and infant nutrition. This naturally sparked my enthusiasm for breastfeeding as I saw firsthand how growth and development was impacted by the huge variation of infant feeding practices. However it was only when I had my first child that I realised that breastfeeding is a hugely emotional and unique journey which can present a wide range of technical issues and bring about a huge variety of feelings-ones I didn’t know existed!


Experiencing difficulties feeding my first and the strain of poor support and social isolation, I soon realised that I wanted to use my knowledge of infant feeding and nutrition to support women on a practical level, so when I learned about the existence of a local peer support group I jumped at the chance to train with them.



I spent five years supporting at breastfeeding groups, in the community, online and via telephone. When my second was born I began the Breastfeeding Counsellor (BFC) training with the Association of breastfeeding Mother’s (ABM). I was tandem nursing both children at the time which presented a whole new set of questions and concerns to work through! On completing the two year BFC training I went on to serve on the National Breastfeeding Helpline and later mark modules for trainee supporters. I was constantly learning more and more about the complexity of human lactation and how best to support mothers, but I wanted to make sure I was as well prepared as possible to enable other mums, so embarked on the International Board Certified Lactation Consultancy (IBCLC) training. This training took me to London every month to spend the day with other health professionals learning of the more complex-and RARE circumstances we may come across. A very thorough set of prerequisite health sciences, clinical hours and specific lactation education hours allows you to sit the four hour exam-which I passed.


My work now is split between my passion for supporting individual mother and baby dyads and family units and delivering workshops for families and health professionals working in the pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding sector.


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